A Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo.

Illustriert von Karen Phillipps.
332 Seiten, 60 Farbtafeln, 46 Strichzeichnungen, 5 Landkarten.
The Sabah Society. ISBN 967-99947-1-6.


This guide book is aimed at naturalists, zoologists, specialists, scholars and public at large with a keen interest in identifying the mammals of Borneo. It describes every species of wild mammal presently known in Borneo and its offshore islands: 221 species of wild land mammals have been recorded, of which 92 species are bats. Also included in the book are descriptions of the more commonly encountered domestic animals which might be confused with wild ones, as well as a few species which have not definitely been recorded in Borneo but which are likely to be found in the area. Each mammal is beautifully illustrated in colour with brief notes on the species on the facing page. Concise and easy to use, A Field Guide to Mammals of Borneo is an indispensable aid to greater awareness of this important segment of the fauna in Borneo.



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The rare flat-headed cat and other felids in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia.

Cat News No. 61: 37-41.  IUCN Cat Specialist Group. ISSN 1027-2992.


We present new observations of all five species of wild felid captured using large high-density camera trapping grids installed in Tabin Wildlife Reserve between the months March 2011-October 2012. This includes areas in the eastern part of the reserve that have never been surveyed before using the camera-trapping techniques. Camera trapping surveys within each grid were conducted for at least 12 weeks andran continuously over 24 hrs ensuring all individuals were captured. Our captures indicate secondary lowland dipterocarp forest is inhabited by all species of felid andevent data augment the little information available on the bay cat, marbled cat andflat-headed cat, the latter which was only previously recorded in Tabin on one occasion. Our capture of the flat-headed cat extends the known eastern range of this species.



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