RHODIN, A. G. J. (1994)

Chelid Turtles of the Australasian Archipelago: II. A New Species of Chelodina from Roti Island, Indonesia.

Breviora 498: 1-31. Museum of Comparative Zoology; US ISSN 0006-9698; Cambridge, Mass.


A new species of Chelodina (Testudines: Pleurodira: Chelidae) is described from Roti Island, west of Timor, East Nusa Tenggara Province, in the southeastern Indonesian Archipelago. The species is endemic to Roti, a small and relatively xeric island. It is most similar and most closely related to Chelodina pritchardi from Papua New Guinea and C. longicollis from Australia, less closely related to C. novaeguineae and C. reimanni from New Guinea.


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