MEIJAARD, E., CHUA, M. A. H. & DUCKWORTH, J. W. (2017)

Is the northern chevrotain, Tragulus williamsoni Kloss, 1916, a synonym or one of the least-documented mammal species in Asia?

Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 65: 506-514.


The northern chevrotain, Tragulus williamsoni Kloss, 1916, was described, and for nearly a century
remained known, from only one specimen. This had been collected from Meh Lem in northern Thailand in 1916.
Following a taxonomic revision of the genus Tragulus, its taxonomic status was regarded as uncertain. New
information from a Tragulus specimen from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, China, stored in the Kunming
Institute of Zoology, corroborates the status of T. williamsoni as a distinct taxon based on skull measurements. The
conservation implications of this finding include the urgent need to determine conclusively the taxonomic status
of T. williamsoni, and its distribution and conservation status.


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