LOW, C. H. S., WAI, C. K & LIM, K. K. P (2009)

The Identity of Mousedeer (Mammalia: Artiodactyla: Tragulidae) observed at Lower Peirce Fotest, Singapore.

NATURE IN SINGAPORE 2009 2: 467–473.

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The napu and the kanchil are usually distinguished from each other by the number of white stripes on their throat and
neck. However, in rare cases, this does not hold true at least for the kanchil. When coat colour and dark mid-ventral
stripe are taken into consideration, the mousedeer from Lower Peirce, thought to be a napu, Tragulus napu, should be a
kanchil, Tragulus kanchil fulviventer. Therefore, there is no recent record of wild napu on Singapore Island.


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