THISSEN, J. B. M. & HOLLANDER, H. (1996)

Status and distribution of mammals in the Netherlands since 1800.

Hystrix 8(1-2). DOI:10.4404/hystrix-8.1-2-4098


The recent and historical status and distribution of 64 Dutch wild mammals are described. In the last two centuries there have been a lot of changes in this field. Some species are increasing, but others are decreasing. Greater horseshoe bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum (in 1984), lesser horseshoe bat Rh. hipposideros (in 1983), wolf Canis lupus (in 1869), otter (in 1988, but a very small number of solitary individuals is still present) and Eurasian beaver (in 1826, but reintroduced in 1988) got extinct.

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