SVÁBIK, K. (2022a)

Mixed-species exhibits with zoo-housed Aardvarks (Orycteropodidae).

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The study lists species combinations and mixed exhibits with the only one member of family Orycteropodidae. Altogether 55 mixed exhibits with Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) have been collected from 34 zoological institutions worldwide until October 2022. In regard to species combinations Aardvark has been socialized with 42 different species.

In general it can be concluded that the Aardvark in most cases is uncomplicated in reference to the socialisation with other animals. Many of the listed mixed-species exhibits with Aardvarks take place in nocturnal houses. Due to their relatively big body size and not least because of their willingness to move, Aardvark is among the species that are far better kept conventionally with the possibility of using an outdoor enclosure. Fortunately, there has been a trend in Europe for some years now to no longer keep this species in nocturnal houses. ... This “new type” of exhibitry for them means that the earlier classic examples of socialize them with other night-active and smaller species such as galagoes or bats are not more possible, instead of this in many cases they can be kept together with diurnal mongooses such as meerkats.


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