Results of 20 years Bukhara deer restoration.

DSG Newsletter 33: 43-48. ISSN 2312-4644.


The Bukhara deer was previously considered as one of the vulnerable red deer subspecies of Cervus elaphus bactrianus. Due to a nomenclature change (IUCN Red List revision) it is now considered to be one of the three subspecies of Cervus hanglu, i.e. C.h.bactrianus. From 2000 to 2002 it had been under a real threat of extinction. It numbered no more than 350 animals in total in all 10 populations throughout its range in Central Asia, and was completely extinct in the most important part of its historical area. In accordance with the MOU and Action Plan on Bukhara deer conservation and restoration (CMS), signed in 2002, and in the frame of WWF projects since 1999, a set of important activities ensured population growth in natural habitats, natural habitat restoration and reintroduction in suitable sites within the historical area.

The implemented activities resulted in significant growth of all populations, which allows the species to be considered as Least Concern.


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