SVÁBIK, K. (2022)

Mixed-species exhibits with zoo-housed Hippopotamuses (Hippopotamidae).

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Mixed-species exhibits with different mammals in the last few decades became a major trend. The success of a mixed-species exhibit depends on how we can take general animal husbandry criteria into account in more complex ways in comparison with a single-species exhibit. Those general rules that are important in animal exhibitry are still valid to a greater extent when presenting a multi-species captive environment. As many articles and other publications deal with the subject of general advantages and disadvantages of the mixed-species exhibits, instead of this, here I will assemble a detailed list of mixed exhibits involving at least one member of Hippopotamidae. The main aim of these documents is to summarize data and experiences about this exhibitry type with the hope that these manuals will be a useful supplement for the husbandry guidelines of both species of hippopotamids. Furthermore the study partly focuses on negative experiences in order to improve exhibit management criteria and trying to avoid combinations that have not been proved as successful. The most important aspects of a successful mixed exhibit are the purposeful use of space and enclosure furnishings, the appropriate feeding techniques, decision-making of which species we want to breed and the right choice of species and individuals.


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