African Swine Fever Eradication: The Spanish Model.

In: Trends in Emerging Viral Infections of Swine (pp.133-139). DOI:10.1002/9780470376812.ch4c


This chapter reviews the Spanish African Swine Fever (ASF) eradication program (1985 to 1995). Since no vaccine was available, the program was primarily based on the detection of ASF-positive and carrier animals by laboratory diagnosis and the enforcement of strict sanitary measures. The key components of the program iricluded (1) a network of mobile veterinary field teams responsible for the control and diagnosis of the disease, (2) serological testing of animals, (3) improvements in sanitary infrastructure, (4) elimination of al1 ASF outbreaks and identification and slaughter of carrier animals, and (5) veterinary control of al1 swine movement, with individual identification of every animal moved for fattening or breeding purposes. In 1995, Spain was declared free of ASF. At present, Spain is the second largest swine-producing country in the European Union with a total population of 22,435,000 pigs and 2,478,000 breeding sows.


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