DE WIT, P. et al. (eds. 2021)

EAZA Penguin Taxon Advisory Group - Regional Collection Plan.

First Edition.EAZA Executive Office, Amsterdam.

Aus der Einleitung:

The EAZA Penguin TAG encourages all EAZA penguin holders to contribute through concreteconservation education activities (as indirect conservation role). Holders are encouraged to educate thepublic on:

  • The status of penguins e.g. 10 of 18 species declining, 10 of 18 species threatened;
  • The threats to penguins (in general and for specific species) e.g. conflict between fisheries and penguin colonies, impact climate change, petroleum discharge, risk/consequencesinvasive/introduced predators, infections and trade in wild penguins to meet demands of unscrupulous zoos and private collectors;
  • The need to conserve penguins in the wild and to protect their natural habitat;
  • How can we help?  Education around behaviour change –as a tourist to penguin areas,as a consumer, plastic use,etc.

The EAZA Penguin TAG also encourages all penguin holders to fundraise for any prioritized conservation projects either linked to the penguin species they keep orre-directed to aproject for a more threatened penguin species not kept in human care.The TAG will make sure a list of prioritized conservation projects will be made available and/or circulated annually.

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