DEVKAR, R.V., BUCH, J. N., KHANPARA, P. S. & KATARA, R. D. (2006)

Management and Monitoring of Captive Breeding of Painted Stork and Eurasian Spoonbill in Zoo Aviary.

Zoo's Print J. 21(3): 2189-2192.


Breeding biology of Spoonbill and Painted Stork has not been documented in detailed in captivity.  This inventory unravels some of the aspects of their reproduction in captivity and generates useful baseline data for further studies in detail.  The study was conducted in aviary of Sakkarbaug Zoo, Junagadh, Gujarat.  The alterations in artificial nesting platforms (ANPs), use of supplementary nesting material, behavioural changes of birds in anthropogenic environment and the factors affecting breeding success of both species of birds has been monitored and documented.  Ample availability of food and lack of predators has positive effects on their breeding success.  Changes in dimension of ANP greatly improved the breeding success of Spoonbill.  Both male and female birds were seen foraging together often leaving the eggs/chicks along on ANP, contrary to its behaviour in the wild.


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