BEUDELS, R.C. et al. (2005)


Sahelo-Saharan Antelopes - Status and Perspectives.

2nd edition. Prepared by the Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique.

CMS Technical Series Nº 11. 126 Seiten.

Vorwort zur 2. Auflage:

The   original   documents   entitled   “Conservation   Measures   for   Sahelo-Saharan   Antelopes.   Action   Plan   and   Status Reports”were  published  in  1999  by  UNEP  /  CMS  and  prepared  by    Roseline  C.  Beudels-Jamar,  Pierre  Devillers,  Jean Devillers-Terschuren and René-Marie Lafontaine - IRScNB - 1999.

They were based on  on documents prepared for the Convention on Migratory Species by Pierre Pfeffer (1993b, 1995) and on supporting documents for the action plan on Sahelo-Saharan antelopes adopted by the 4th  Conference of the Parties of the Convention,  documents  that  were  prepared  by  Roseline  C.  Beudels,  Martine  Bigan,  Pierre  Devillers  and  Pierre  Pfeffer (1994). The information it contains originates mainly from the global surveys and regional action plans edited by Rod East (1988, 1990), and the fundamental work of Hubert Gillet (1965, 1969) and John E. Newby (1974, 1988, in particular).

This  reports  were  reviewed  and  updated  by  Roseline  C.  Beudels-Jamar,  Pierre  Devillers,  René-Marie  Lafontaine  and Marie-Odile Beudels, IRScNB, on the basis of recent surveys and of development of conservation efforts. SCF and SSIG participated in the review, in particular John Newby, Tania Gilbert, François Larmaque, Heiner Engel, Tim Wacher,  Mar Cano, Fabrice Cuzin, Abdelkader Jebali, Teresa Abigair and Koen De Smet. Maurice Ascani participated in the review of the chapter  Addax nasomaculatus
Maps: lay-out by Isabelle Bachy, IRScNB.

Marie-Odile Beudels was responsible for the composition, lay-out and finalization of this document.

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