BEST, T. L. (1995)

Sciurus variegatoides.

Mammalian Species 500: 1–6, https://doi.org/10.2307/3504282

Der Artikel folgt dem üblichen Schema der "Mammalian Species" Datenblätter mit folgenden Abschnitten:
Context and Content; Diagnosis; General Characters; Distribution; Form and Function; Ontogeny and Reproduction; Ecology; Behavior; Literature.

Es wird vermutet, dass S. variegatoides, S. colliaei und S. yucatanensis eine einzige Art seien:
Sciurus variegatoides, S. colliaei, and S. yucatanensis may be fragmented segments of one species whose geographic range once extended along the Pacific lowlands and uplands from Sonora to southern Guatemala, across eastern Guatemala into the Yucatan Peninsula, and throughout Central America to Panama.


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