GAMBA, A. L. (1998)

The larval development of a fresh-water prawn, Palaemon pandaliformis (STIMPSON, 1871), under laboratory conditions (Decapoda, Palaemonidae).

Crustaceana 71(1): 9-35


The larval development pf the palaemonid prawn Palaemon pandaliformis (Stimpson, 1871) was followed under laboratory conditions. Metamorphosis to postlarvae was first observed 19 days after hatching at a temperature of 27 ± 1 ºC in freshwater, after passing through several larval stages. It was also posisble to obtain postlarvae after eight, nine, an ten larval stages. The pattern of development ist discusse in relation to other Palaemon species with a similar number of larval stages. This is the only species in the genus with the third pereiopod appearing as a rudimentary bud in the first larval stage.


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