MARIAUX, J. & TILBURY, C. R. (2006)

The pygmy chameleons of the eastern Arc range (Tanzania): Evolutionary relationships and the description of three new species of Rhampholeon (Sauria: Chamaeleonidae).

Herpetological Journal 16 (3): 315-331.



The pygmy chameleons of the Eastern Arc Range forests in Tanzania are reviewed on the basis of  known  and newly  collected material. Two new species be longing to Rhampholeon (Rhinodigitum) and one to Rh. (Rhampholeon) from the Pare, Nguru and Mahenge Mountains are described. The status and distribution of the other species known in the area are reviewed, and an identification key is provided. The phylogenetic relationships between these taxa are discussed on the basis of small and large mt-rDNA subunits sequences and the relative importance of some morphological characters is evaluated. Hypotheses about the evolution of the group in the area are presented.



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