SVÁBIK, K. (2021)

Mixed-species exhibits with Pigs (Suidae).

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Mixed-species exhibits with different mammals in the last few decades became a major trend. The success of a mixed-species exhibit depends on how we can take general animal husbandry criteria into account in more complex ways in comparison with a single-species exhibit. Those general rules that are important in animal exhibitry are still valid to a greater extent when presenting a multi-species captive environment. As many articles and other publications deal with the subject of general advantages and disadvantages of the mixed-species exhibits, instead of this, here I will assemble a detailed list of mixed exhibits involving at least one member of Suidae. The main aim of these documents is to summarize data and experiences about this exhibitry type with the hope that these manuals will be useful supplement for the husbandry guidelines of different species.

The study lists species combinations and mixed exhibits with eight species of Suidae. Altogether 158 mixed exhibits with suids have been collected from 96 zoological institutions worldwide until April 2021. Combinations and mixed exhibits were not counted with domestic pig, only a few examples were added as an „interesting” supplements.

The results show that the most popular „participants” are the Red River Hog and the Common Warthog: the former has been listed in 52 and the latter in 50 mixed exhibit. Those folowed by Eurasian Wild Boar which has been listed in 20, Sulawesi Babirusa in 19, Visayan Warty Pig in 14, Giant Forest Hog in 2, Bushpig in 2 and Bearded Pig in 1 mixed exhibit.

In regard to species combinations Common Warthog has been socialized with 62 and Red River Hog with 55 different species. Those followed by Eurasian Wild Boar which has been combined with 26, Sulawesi Babirusa with 14, Bearded Pig with 13, Visayan Warty Pig with 11, Giant Forest Hog 7 and Bushpig with 3 other species.


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