TIJSKENS J. (1968)

Preliminary notes on the F1 bongo antelope x sitatunga hybrids Taurotragus eurycerus x Tragelaphus spekei at Antwerp Zoo.

Int. Zoo Yb. 8: 137-139.


In June 1960 Antwerp Zoo rceived a male Bongo antelope. "Nabeli", from Epulu in the Congo. The only other Bongo antelope in captivity at that time was a female, "Karen", at Cleveland Zoo ... It was then decided to try and cross the male Bongo antelope with a female sitatunga. The nearly 3 year old male Bongo was put with a group of some 12 female sitatungs for about 6 months. As soon as the male showed sexual interest in the females, the Bongo and 2 sitatungas were separated from the main herd ... Births occured on 4 September 1964 giving a gestation period of 309 days.  ... the second young was born on 4 February 1965 by caesarian section ...


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