ARSLAN, D., OLIVIER, A., YASAR, C. et al. (2018)

Distribution and current status of herpetofauna in the Gediz Delta (Western Anatolia, Turkey).

Herpetology Notes 11: 1-15 (2018) (published online on 10 January 2018)


In  this study, we conducted an inventory of amphibians and reptiles between 2013 and 2016 in the Gediz Delta (İzmir, Turkey). The field results were combined with existing records. According to the data obtained, a total of 35 herptile species live in the region, comprising 7 amphibians  (2 urodeles, 5  anurans) and 28  reptiles (6 chelonians,  10 lizards and  12 snakes). Five species (Lissotriton vulgaris, Triturus ivanbureschi, Heremites auratus, Platyceps collaris and Telecopus fallax) were recorded  for the first time in the Gediz Delta during the study. A chorotype  classification and potential threats of the species are also presented.


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