ONMUS, O., DURUSOY, R. & EKEN, G. (2009)

Distribution of breeding birds in the Gediz Delta, Western Turkey.

Zoology in the Middle East 47(1):39-48. DOI:10.1080/09397140.2009.10638345.


Atlas mapping of breeding birds in Gediz Delta Ramsar Site on the western coast of Turkey was performed in 2002. The study area of 305 km2 was divided into 305 1x1 km square UTM grids. Breeding evidence was obtained for 92 species in 291 UTM squares; 47 were classified as confirmed breeding, 22 as probable breeding, and 23 as possible breeding. Among the breeding species, three were European species of global conservation concern (Falco naumanni, Pelecanus crispus, Emberiza cineracea), 12 were species with a concentrated population and with unfavourable conservation status in Europe, and 34 were species with their population not concentrated in Europe but with unfavourable conservation status in the region. Among those with a threatened status, 7 species were vulnerable, 4 were rare, 2 were localised, 18 were declining, and 18 were depleted species. During the study, various threats were identified in 173 UTM squares out of 291 (59.5%). Among these, the most frequently observed were pollution observed in 30% of the squares, overgrazing in 22% and illegal hunting in 22%.


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