RÜMPLER, U. (1998)

Husbandry and breeding of Douc langurs Pygathrix nemaeus nemaeus at Cologne Zoo.

International Zoo Yearbook 36: 73 - 81.


In 1968 Cologne Zoo obtained 2.1 Douc langurs Pygathrix nemaeus nemaeus. In 1969 an additional 0.2 animals were imported and in 1990 a ♂ from Bekesbourne UK was introduced to infuse new genetic material into the collection. Since 1970 24 Douc langurs have been born at the Zoo where, at time of writing, 5.6 animals are maintained. Details on husbandry, feeding, health, social behaviour and reproduction are given. The hand-rearing of 1.1 and reintroduction of 0.1 Douc langurs into a social group are described.


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