VISSER, N., VAN HOVEN, W. & THERON, G. K. (1996)

The vegetation and identification of management units of the Honnet Nature Reserve, Northern Province, South Africa.

Koedoe - African Protected Area Conservation and Science 39(1): 25-42. ISSN 0075-6458. DOI: 10.4102/koedoe.v39i1.280


An analysis of the vegetation of the Honnet Nature Reserve, Northern Province is presented. Releves were compiled in 56 stratified random sample plots. The Braun- Blanquet procedure revealed 12 distinct plant communities and four sub-communities. The Variable Quadrant Plot Method was used in the structural analysis of the communities and management units. The data were ordinated using Detrended Correspondence Analysis (DECORANA) to determine possible relations and gradients between and in the plant communities. Six management units were identified by means of the vegetation ordination, plant communities and the physical environment. A hierarchical classification, description and ecological interpretation of the vegetation units and a descrip- tion of the management units are presented.


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