AVERY, D. M. & AVERY, G. (2011)

Micromammals in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, past and present.

African Natural History 7: 9-39. http://www.scielo.org.za/pdf/anh/v7/02.pdf


This paper provides a basis for conservation work by detailing the micromammalian taxa occurring in the Northern Cape Province. It presents new evidence from 30 barn owl pellet collections, augmented by previously published material from trapping or observation (here called ‘conventional’ reports) and owl roosts, divided into pre-1930, 1930–1979 and 1980 and newer as an indication of continuity of occurrence. A historical perspective is added by the inclusion of material from two archaeological sites dating to the Pleistocene (before about 10 000 years ago) and 11 from the Holocene (after about 10 000 years ago). Northern Cape Province synonymies are provided as an aid to equating older records with modern taxonomy. In all, 77 currently recognized micromammalian species have been recorded from the province. These comprise five Afrosoricida (golden moles), six Macroscelidea (elephant shrews), eight Soricomorpha (forest shrews), 16 Chiroptera (bats), and 42 Rodentia (rodents).


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