GRIFFIN, M. (2003)

Annotated Checklist and Provisional Conservation Status of Namibian Reptiles.

168 Seiten. Windhoek. ISBN

Volltext: http://podarcis.de/AF/Bibliografie/BIB_4908.pdf


An annotated checklist of indigenous and potentially indigenous Namibian terrestrial, aquatic and marine reptiles is presented. The purpose is to serve as an interim description of Namibian reptile diversity, to establish a taxonomic and biogeographical baseline, and as a preliminary review of the conservation status of Namibian reptiles. Two hundred and forty species of indigenous reptiles are presently known to occur in Namibia. These species comprise an array of approximately 265 described (but not always recognized) taxa, several of which are probably unwarranted.  Species accounts are presented for all these species. Four accounts are for new species currently being described. Nineteen species have not yet been recorded from Namibia, but are expected to (accounts given) and another 6 species are less likely to occur (no accounts given).  Full accounts are given for the 17 species which have been formally recorded in the past, but the lack of recent evidence suggests that the species is now locally extinct, the original report erroneous, or the species’ occurred  as vagrants. Four additional species had been included on various published lists in the past, but have never been formally documented, no specimens are known to exist, and it is unlikely that the species would occur today even as vagrants (no accounts given). In total, 276 species-accounts are presented.  Each account cites the original reference and type locality for each taxon, and a short description of the Namibian distribution.  Emphasis is placed on Namibian and international legal and conservation status.  Eighty-five species (33%) were found to be of local conservation concern.  Gaps in knowledge (e.g. taxonomy, biogeography, and conservation status), where future research should be directed, are noted.


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