HAACKE, W. D. (1984)

The Herpetology of the Southern Kalahari Domain.

Supplement to Koedoe 1984: 171-186.

Volltext: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/47296195_The_Herpetology_of_the_Southern_Kalahari_domain


The herpetofauna of the southrn Kalahari has mixed affinities, as this area lies on a rainfall gradient in a critical area where a transition between the arid south-west and the moister northe-east takes place. As the variation in substrate type is relatively limited, the effect of the rainfall gradient appears to influence and determine the range limits of many taxa in which of 55 recorded reptiles, 11 western taxa overlap or form a parapatric zone with 25 eastern taxa, while the remaining taxa are endemic or wide-ranging.


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