ELS, J. & MASTENBROEK, R. (2014)

De Arabische Cobra (Naja arabica) Scortecchi 1932 in gevangenschap.

Litteratura Serpentium 34 (2): 200-215.


The Arabian cobra (Naja arabica) is a species that has not been noted in zoological collections or in private collections outside the countries of its natural occurrence. This species was thought to be a subspecies of the Egyptian cobra (Naja haje), but was raised at the specific rank by Trape et al. (2009). The species is categorised by IUCN as Least Concern but threats due to intense collecting for venom extraction and local animal trade markets may have serious longterm effects on wild populations (Cox, Mallon, Bowles, Els, Tognelli, 2012) Much is unknown about the species and its captive husbandry requirements. Due to a recent collaboration between the authors of two institutions a more in-depth understanding of the species captive management can be concluded to ensure their sustainable management in captive collections.


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