CHUPIN, D. (Hrsg.)

Rearing unconventional livestock species: a flourishing activity.

World animal review - Revue mondiale de zootechnie - Revista mundial de zootecnia
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Geese: the underestimated species.

Many developing countries now recognize the importance of livestock in integrated production systems to provide the sustainable increases in food necessary to feed their rapidly expanding populations. Geese fit well into such systems and are especially well adapted to the humid tropics. They can provide meat and eggs from natural grazing and seem to be more resistant to diseases than other avian species. Yet, even given these advantages, geese have remained a neglected species. This article looks at the possible role of geese in small-scale farming systems as an ecological alternative for weed control and as guard animals.

Volltext: http://www.fao.org/3/V6200T/v6200T0n.htm#geese:%20the%20underestimated%20species


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