Mason’s World Encyclopedia of Livestock Breeds, Types and Varieties.

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CABI Publishing. ISBN13: 978-1845934668


Mason's World Encyclopedia of Livestock Breeds and Breeding describes breeds of livestock worldwide as well as a range of breed-related subjects such as husbandry, health and behaviour. This definitive and prestigious reference work presents easily accessible information on domestication (including wild ancestors and related species), genetics and breeding, livestock produce and markets, as well as breed conservation and the cultural and social aspects of livestock farming. Written by renowned livestock authorities, these volumes draw on the authors' lifelong interest and involvement in livestock breeds of the world, presenting a unique, comprehensive and fully cross-referenced guide to cattle, buffalo, horses, pigs, sheep, asses, goats, camelids, yak and other domesticants.

Volume 1: contains asses, camelids, cattle, goats, horses and pigs
Volume 2: contains sheep, water buffalo, yak and other livestock


  • Breed descriptions: including groups, types and varieties, history and links between groups, livestock products and trends for creating new breeds
  • Wild species: ancestral and relatives, potential domesticants and hybridization
  • Humans and breeds: spread of domestication, transhumance and pastoralism, social and cultural influences, suitability of different groups for different human purposes
  • Genetics and Conservation: a dedicated section and glossary of terms

Placing breeds in a practical agricultural context, this two volume encyclopedia will be of great value to agriculturalists, breeders, geneticists, biologists, rural historians, conservationists, ecologists, and all those who are interested in the rich diversity of livestock breeds


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