A Natural History of Domesticated Mammals.

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Cambridge University Press. ISBN13: 978-0-521-63495-3.


Humans have manipulated and changed the way of life of other mammals for thousands of years. This new edition of A Natural History of Domesticated Mammals explores the progress which has been made in understanding the origins of domestication and its spread, both biologically and culturally, across the world. The archaeological evidence for the earliest dating of domestication of each species is included, reflecting the recent expansion in such studies. Human history has been inexorably linked with the exploitation and often very cruel treatment of animals. In today's society attitudes to animal welfare have improved. It is now recognised that an understanding of the ecology and behavioural patterns of wild species is necessary in ensuring the well-being and correct husbandry of their domesticated descendants. This book provides up-to-date information on the natural history of all the mammals on which human societies have depended for their survival.


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