YI L., MING, L., HAI, L., HE, J., GUO, F-.C., QIAO, X.-Y.; JI, R. (2017)

Molecular diversity and phylogenetic analysis of domestic and wild Bactrian camel populations based on the mitochondrial ATP8 and ATP6 genes.

Livestock Science 199 (May 2017): 95-100.


  • We analyzed the diversity of mitochondrial ATP8/6 gene in Bactrian camel populations.
  • All domestic Bactrian camel populations were clustered as a single major group in the haplotype network.
  • A single haplotype was identified in the wild Bactrian camel population, which formed a separate branch.
  • The phylogenetic tree showed the same patterns as the haplotype network.
  • Wild and domestic Bactrian camels evolved from two distinct ancestors.


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