OLIVER, W. L. R., COX, C. R. & DOLAR, L. L. (1991)

The Philippine Spotted Deer Conservation Project.

ORYX 25 (4): 199-205.
https://doi.org/10.1017/S0030605300034335. Published online: 06 July 2009.


The Philippine spotted deer Cervus alfredi, endemic to the Visayan Islands, is threatened by deforestation and hunting. Already extinct over 95 per cent of its former range, populations survive probably only in Panay and Negros. In 1987 a conservation programme was drawn up with two immediate objectives: to establish a national park in west Panay and to embark on a captive-breeding programme. The authors describe the operation of the project and its progress to date, and discuss plans for its extension.


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