HARTLEY, M. & CHAPMAN, M. (eds. 2018)

EAZA Best Practice Guidelines De Brazza Monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus)

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EAZA Executive Office, Amsterdam.


These guidelines are composed of two sections. The first provides and overview of biology, ecology and behaviour in the wild summarising published information referenced at the end of the document. The second section provides information on management in captivity. This section was written using published information and from the findings of a questionnaire survey and the input of the species committee.

In addition to the standard enclosure and husbandry information particular focus has been made on managing social groups and introductions which can be challenging. One of the objectives of the EEP is to manage multiple female groups and retain youngsters until they have experience of reproductive and maternal behaviours. This has been supported by the inclusion of detailed case studies. Although the husbandry and management section is written for the De Brazza much of the information is relevant for other guenon species. An important role for the De Brazza Monkey EEP is for zoos to gain experience of managing guenons before obtaining more endangered guenon species.


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