WEERMAN, J. (2015)

EAZA Best Practice Guidelines for the Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens).

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Herausgeber: European Association of Zoosand Aquaria & Rotterdam Zoo


The first official version of the husbandry andmanagement guidelines for zoo red pandas was published in the fifth edition of the red panda studbook in 1988. The guidelines had been compiled over the previous yearsand were refined at the first red panda conference which was held in Rotterdamin 1987. Information and ideas from many peoplewere compiled into these guidelines. And during the course of the panda conservation workshop held in Front Royal in 1991, the red panda husbandry and management guidelines was updated. Nevertheless, since these meetings there has been a lot of research into red panda diets, pathology, behaviour etc. AZA published the Red Panda Care Manual in 2011. Because none of the publications had a focus on European standards, it was necessary to come up with the EAZA Best Practice Guidelines for the Red Panda.

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