FRANSEN, C.H.J.M. & WIRTZ, P. (1997)

Contribution to the knowledge of decapod crustaceans from Madeira and the Canary Islands.

Zool. Med. Leiden 71 (1997): 215-230.  


The  decapods Eualus lebourae, Processa modica carolii, Palaemon xiphias, Philocheras bispinosus, and Inachus phalangium are recorded from the coasts of Madeira for the first time. The decapods Hippolyte garciarasoi, Hippolyte varians, Eualus lebourae, Processa parva,  Processa modica  carolii, Processa robusta, Palaemonella atiantica, Pertclimenes wirtzi, Philocheras bispinosus, and Philocheras fasciatus, are  recorded from  he coasts of the Canary Islands for the first time. Eualus  occultus, Processa parva and Processa modica carolii are recorded  from  the Cape  Verde Islands for the first time. Processa parva is also recorded for the Azores for the first time. For Eualus occultus, Hippolyte garciarasoi, Processa modica carolii, Peridimenes  wirtzi and Philocheras fasciatus this is an extension of the  known range to the south. For Eualus lebourae, Processa parva and Palaemonella atlantica this is an extension of the known range to the north. The presence of Palaemon serratus, Eualus occultus, Philocheras trispinosus, Hippolyte leptocerus, and Pilumnus villosissimus at Madeira is confirmed.

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