Distribution and Natural History of Mexican Species of Brachypelma and Brachypelmides (Theraphosidae, Theraphosinae) with Morphological Evidence for Their Synonymy.

The Journal of Arachnology 27 (1), Proceedings of the XIV International Congress of Arachnology and a Symposium on Spiders in Agroecosystems (1999): 196-200.


This comparision of Brachypelmides and Brachypelma species is based on newly collected spiders and more than 100 specimens from five museum collections. The results show that there are six endemic species of Brachypelma in western Mexico (B. auratum, B. baumgarteni, B. boehmei, B. emilia, B. pallidum, B. smithi), presenting a gap in their distribution only where Brachypelmides klaasi is found. Brachypelma vagans is distributed along both coasts of Mexico and Brachypelmides rahnaui is found in the central part of Mexico. Notes on natural history, a morphological comparison of 27 characters of these genera, and a discussion of the genenc affinities are included.

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