AYLING, T. & PARISH, S. (2008)

Amazing Facts about Australian Marine Life.

80 Seiten, mit zahlreichen Farbfotos.
Steve Paris Publishing Pty. Ltd., Archerfield, Qld.; ISBN-13 978174193300-0.


This book is packed full of information and you'll be amazed at how much you learn about Australia's marine life by dipping into the remarkable facts presented. Some of the extraordinary creatures in this book may be new to you. Some of them you will no doubt recognise, but may not have considered animals! All of them will surprise you with their curious physiology and incredibly complicated and diverse behaviour.

Within these pages you will find colourful corals (using a range of survival strategies to out-compete their neighbours), killer sea stars, cunning cephalopods and a host of wonderful invertebrates (including the ancestors of all vertebrates). Perhaps what you learn from this book will delight you so much that you'll want to delve deeper into the amazing lives of Australia's marine creatures.

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