UNEP-WCMC (2009)

Review  of  non-CITES  reptiles that are known or likely to be in international trade.

A Report to the European Commission.
86 Seiten. UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge.


This report was conducted in order to identify reptile species which are currently not listed in CITES or the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations, but for which there is evidence of international trade, drawing attention particularly to species which are globally threatened and/or appear to be commonly in trade within the European  Union. Based  on  a  survey  of  24  websites offering reptiles for sale within the EU, 75 species were identified as being commonly in trade (advertised  on  five  or  more  websites) and a further 14 species were less common in trade (advertised on fewer than five websites) but were considered globally threatened in the IUCN Red  List.  In-depth  reviews  were conducted for ten species. The remaining species may besuitable for in-depth reviews in subsequent reports. This work follows-on from two reports on trade in non-CITES amphibians. The first report, a document for SRG 42, provided an overall analysis of amphibian species that are not listed in CITES but for which regional or international trade was considered to be a major threat in the 2007 IUCN  Red  List;  in-depth  reviews were undertaken for 13 species. The second report, SRG 46/8, included in-depth reviews for a further 20 species.

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