MENDYK, R. W. (2017)

An Annotated Bibliography of Captive Reproduction in Monitor Lizards (Varanidae: Varanus). Part II. Empagusia and Philippinosaurus.

Biawak, 11(1), pp. 40–49.
© 2017 by International Varanid Interest Group. ISSN: 1936-296X.


Popular in zoos and private collections, monitor lizards have been maintained in captivity for nearly two centuries. During this time, but especially over the past three decades, a voluminous body of publications has brought to light important details and perspectives that have helped advance their captive husbandry  and  reproductive  management. This bibliography  presents an annotated compilation of publications pertaining strictly to the captive reproduction of  monitor lizards belonging to the Varanus subgenera Empagusia and Philippinosaurus. It is intended  to serve as a guide for zoos and private herpetoculturists looking to expand their knowledge and familiarity with this group and introduce readers to different perspectives on their management and reproduction in captivity.

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