PLATT, S. G., SIGLER, L. & RAINWATER, T. R. (2010)

Morelet’s Crocodile - Crocodylus moreletii.

In: Crocodiles.Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan: 79-83.
Third Edition, ed. by S.C. Manolis and C. Stevenson. Crocodile Specialist Group: Darwin

Aus dem Inhalt:

Morelet’s crocodile is a medium-sized species (males to 4.5 m) occurring in the Atlantic lowlands of the Gulf of Mexico (Mexico) and the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico, Belize and Guatemala). Knowledge of this species has increased rapidly over the past two decades, and recently a great deal of research has been conducted on its distribution and status in Mexico and Belize, nesting ecology, diet and foraging ecology, morphometrics, population ecology and ecotoxicology.



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