VAN WEERD, M. (2010)

Philippine Crocodile - Crocodylus mindorensis.

In: Crocodiles.Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan: 71-78.
Third Edition, ed. by S.C. Manolis and C. Stevenson. Crocodile Specialist Group: Darwin

Aus dem Inhalt:

The  Philippine  crocodile  is a relatively  small  freshwater crocodile. Although much is still unknown, studies at two captive  breeding  facilities [Palawan  Wildlife  Rescue  and Conservation  Centre (PWRCC), Palawan  Island and Silliman University, Negros Island and in the wild in northern Luzon and the University of Southern Mindanao, central Mindanao, on Ligawasan Marsh, have now yielded much more information on the ecology of this rare species.

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