Spectacled Caiman - Caiman crocodilus.

In: Crocodiles.Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan: 10-15.
Third Edition, ed. by S.C. Manolis and C. Stevenson. Crocodile Specialist Group: Darwin

Aus dem Inhalt:

The Spectacled caiman is the most widely distributed of the New World crocodilians, ranging from southern Mexico in the North to Peru and Brazil in the South. It is also the most geographically variable species in the Americas, with four subspecies generally being recognized.

Caiman appear to have been quite resilient to commercial hunting for a number of reasons, but particularly because they reproduce at a relatively small size, and hunting in many areas seems to have been concentrated on larger adult males. Another important factor has been the near extirpation of larger, sympatric species of crocodilian of greater commercial value. For example, caiman in Brazilian Amazonia occupy habitats that were formerly dominated by Melanosuchus niger.

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