WEIGL, R. (2014)

Longevity of Crocodilians in Captivity.

International Zoo News  Vol. 61. No. 5 (2014), pp. 363-373


Since  1978  the  author  has  collected  numerous  records  on  animal  longevities. This data has been collected during personal examination of archives at zoological collections worldwide and through correspondence with zoo staff members. Taxonomy  in  this  list  follows  that  used  in  the  publications  of  the  Crocodile Specialist Group of the IUCN.

This paper is the first comprehensive listing for every species and subspecies of crocodilian for which the author has a verified and known longevity record, including initial date of entry (hatch, capture, arrival) and a known date of death and/or verification as still living. Documentation of longevities at the subspecies level has  not  been  included  in  previous  treatments  of  the  Crocodilia.  Anecdotal  records  have not been accepted.



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