ELSEY, R. M. & WOODWARD, A. R. (2010)

American Alligator - Alligator mississippiensis.

In: Crocodiles. Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan. Third  Edition, ed. by S.C. Manolis and C. Stevenson. Crocodile Specialist Group: Darwin:: 1-4.

Aus dem Inhalt:

The American alligator is the outstanding example of the application of sustainable use for the successful conservation of a crocodilian species. Although heavily exploited since the 1800s, and considered to be endangered in the early 1960s, populations have responded well to management and have recovered rapidly. Extensive surveys of alligator populations have been undertaken throughout the species’ range. Continuous monitoring of numerous localities is conducted as part of sustainable use programs in several states. Overall, alligator populations are quite healthy. Owing to expanding human populations, programs to control alligators that occur near people and dwellings (termed “nuisance” alligator control) are an integral part of alligator management and conservation. In some states, near the periphery of the alligator’s distribution, alligator populations are less dense and they are completely protected. The current total wild population is estimated to be 2-3 million alligators.

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