BÖHM, S. (2011)

Observations  on  the  South  American  yellow-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulata) in French Guiana.

RADIATA 20(2): 18-32.


Although the species Chelonoidis denticulata has  ong been known to terrarium enthusiasts, it has (unjustly) been regarded as somehow inferior to the more popular red-footed tortoise. Its behaviour is nevertheless very interesting, to say the least – be it in human care or in the wild. Generally speaking, it is warmly recommended to every ambitious keeper of wild animals, if at all possible, to also try and observe his favourite animals in their natural environment. Although this will not provide quite the same degree of intimate insight into the life of these animals, the impressions  you expose yourself to during a stay in the natural habitat will contribute substantially to optimising the husbandry conditions for the specimens in your care at home.

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