SWINGLAND, I. R. & KLEMENS, M. W., eds. (1989)

The  Conservation  Biology of Tortoises.

Occasional Papers  of the  IUCN  Species  Survival Commission  (SSC) No. 5. 204 Seiten.
Published by IUCN,  Gland,  Switzerland. ISBN  2-88032-986-8.

Aus der Einleitung:

This contribution to the Occasional Papers of the IUCN Species Survival Commission  (SSC)  on  the  status  and distribution  of the  Testudinidae,  or  terrestrial  tortoises,  is  the  result  of  five years of work by members of the IUCN/SSC Tortoise Specialist Group  (which  has  since become the  Tortoise  and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group) and is published on the occasion of the First World Congress of Herpetology at the University of Kent, September  1989.   This  work  was  stimulated  by  our  lack  of knowledge  regarding  the  forty  species  of tortoises  which  became apparent at our inaugural meeting at  Oxford  in  October 1981  and our inability to answer many  of the basic  questions relating  to their conservation. It was  executed under the  title "Operation  Tortoise."

We  have  provided  the  latest  information  on  each  species, including the Latin name, common names, description, taxonomy, geographic variation, status and distribution, habitat and ecology  (particularly  behaviour,  reproduction,  and  feeding), threats  to  survival,  conservation  reserves  and  recommendations,  and current research.   We have also provided the most complete bibliography on  the Testudinidae ever published.

In drawing up this report we have been concerned that the information is as up-to-date as possible, but we expect, indeed hope, that it will be redundant in a few years as more and more people work on these fascinating animals.  We have also been conscious of the needs of the local people and their interests, a vital  part  of  any  successful  conservation  programme  as  so clearly  demonstrated  by  the  Group's  successful  Project  Angonoka/Kapidolo in Madagascar, and the SOPTOM project in southern  France.    The  SSC  Tortoise  and  Freshwater  Turtle Group Action Plan, also published at the Kent Congress, goes even  further in  an  attempt to integrate  scientific  and practical conservation.

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