CORMACK GATES,C., FREESE, C. H., GOGAN,P. J. P. & KOTZMAN, M. (eds., 2010)

American Bison - Status Survey and Conservation Guidelines 2010.

134 Seiten. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland. ISBN: 978-2-8317-1149-2


The publication of this IUCN American Bison Status Survey and Conservation Guidelines is timely owing to a recent convergence of factors: new research findings on bison genetics and ecology, assessment and awareness of the precarious status of many bison conservation herds, new initiatives by government and non-profit institutions to improve management of existing herds and to establish conservation herds, growing interest among Native Americans in restoring bison as part of their cultural heritage, and an increasing awareness by the commercial bison industry that conservation of wild-type bison is in the longterm interest of the industry. There is also a growing body of evidence that the biodiversity of ecosystems within the original range of bison can benefit from bison restoration, from the desert grasslands of northern Mexico, through the Great Plains, to the lowland meadow systems of interior Alaska. The ten chapters of this book examine these and other aspects of the biology and conservation of the species, and offer guidelines for what we anticipate will be a new era of bison conservation in North America. Under the auspices of the IUCN American Bison Specialist Group, twenty-nine chapter coordinators and contributors share their knowledge and ideas in this comprehensive review of the diverse topics that need to be considered by researchers, managers, policy makers and others interested in restoring and conserving this magnificent animal.

Chapter 1 Introduction: The Context
Chapter 2 History of Bison in North America
Chapter 3 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
Chapter 4 Genetics
Chapter 5 Reportable or Notifiable Diseases
Chapter 6 General Biology, Ecology and De
Chapter 8 Legal Status, Policy Issues and Listings
Chapter 9 Conservation Guidelines for Population, Genetic, and Disease Management
Chapter 10 Guidelines for Ecological Restoration of Bison



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