WILSON, S. & SWAN, G. (2013)

A complete Guide to the Reptiles of Australia.

4. Auflage. 592 Seiten. Zahlreiche Farbfotos, Strichzeichnungen und Verbreitungskarten. Verlag New Holland Publishers. ISBN: 9781921517280.

Publisher's description:

The Complete Guide to the Reptiles of Australia explores the rich diversity of Australia's reptiles. This book represents an accessible identification guide to reptiles, including: Crocodiles, sea turtles, freshwater turtles, geckos, flat-footed lizards, skinks, dragons, goannas, blind snakes, pythons, file snakes, colubrid snakes, terrestrial elapids, sea snakes, and sea kraits. Species are illustrated with lively colour photographs showing them in their natural habitat. Each is accompanied by a distribution map; a description – with distinguishing features highlighted in bold text; notes on the species’ range and preferred habitat; information on subspecies and similar species; and, wherever appropriate, conservation status. Extra photographs show most recognised subspecies, as well as differences within species and between sexes. Photographs of significant reptile habitats are also included.

This field guide features diagnostic illustrations, classification notes, selected reading and a thorough index. The book is designed to be a comprehensive yet compact and portable tool for reptile identification anywhere in Australia.



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