BROUWER, K., JONES, M. L., KING, C. E. und SCHIFTER, H. (2000)

Longevity records for Psittaciformes in captivity.

Int. Zoo Yb. 37:299-316.
ISSN 0074-9664. DOI: 10.1111/j.1748-1090.2000.tb00735.x


Psittaciformes are generally believed to be long-lived birds and are frequently said to reach ages of 100 years old or more. In reality, however, life spans rarely exceed 50 years of age, although a few reliable records exist of parrots aged up to 65–70 years. Cockatoos appear to have the highest longevities and the longest reproductive life spans. Larger psittacines are generally longer-lived than smaller ones, although there seem to be some exceptions to this trend and quite remarkable differences in longevity between some similar-sized parrot genera. Some particularly interesting longevity histories, information on maximum breeding ages and trends in longevity are discussed.



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