VERMEER, J. (2006)

EEP Husbandry Guidelines for Squirrel Monkeys (genus Saimiri).

57 Seiten. La Vallée des Singes, Romagne.


Squirrel monkeys (genus Saimiri) are attractive primates that are popular in zoos. However, recent surveys showed that breeding of the genus in European zoos is often poor and that a close cooperation between zoos will be necessary to prevent the extinction of the genus in the near future. For this reason, breeding programs have been established for both species that are being kept in European zoos.

In order to help zoos to improve the husbandry of squirrel monkeys, husbandry guidelines have been compiled. The guidelines are based on information from the literature, results of earlier surveys and personal experiences. These guidelines should be seen as a living document that will need regular updates whenever there are new developments in the husbandry.

One problem with the consulted publications is that it has not always been clear which species was used for the study, and we do know that there are interspecific differences in behaviour and hormonal responses. However, as there is little evidence that the husbandry require ments for the two species of squirrel monkeys kept in European zoos are very different, the guidelines can be used for both of them.

In order to further improve our knowledge on the husbandry of squirrel monkeys, zoos should continue to exchange information on their experiences. I sincerely hope that these guidelines will have a positive effect on the well-being and reproductive outcome of squirrel monkeys in captivity



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