WORMELL, D. (2000)

Management guidelines for pied tamarins Saguinus b. bicolor (EAZA Husbandry Guidelines).

22.Seiten. Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust


The public do not have access to the inside enclosures which provide permanent sanctuary. Historically there were 10–16 indoor units in each range, 5–8 on each side of the building, with access to one outside area. ...  (90 cm deep x 222 cm high x 120–156 cm wide). These cages interconnect so that larger groups can be given more space....  
The first pied tamarins to arrive at Jersey were housed in this type of cage when they completed their quarantine period. Now all indoor cages are much larger. In the two most recently renovated ranges, there are five inside areas running floor to ceiling (averaging 245 cm deep x 153 cm wide x 225 cm high), which are all on one side of the building so no cages face each other.



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