Maintenance of Xenarthra in captivity.

In: Vizcaíno, S.F. & LOUGHRY, W. J. (eds.) The Biology of the Xenarthra: 232-243.
University Press of Florida. ISBN 978-0-8130-3165-1.

Einleitung (Auszug):

Although captive conditions for Xenarthra have improved considerably, many questions regarding appropriate husbandry still remain unanswered and breeding success in captivity is low for many species. It is important to realize that behavior as well as dietary and environmental needs vary considerably across species within a taxon. Husbandry protocols that have been elaborated for one species are therefore of only use when designing enclosures or developing diets for other, even closely related species. A description of the specific needs of each species would go beyond the scope of this book. This chapter therefore provides just a brief overview of appropriate husbandry conditions.

Given that important interspecific differences can occur, we have tried to avoid making sweeping generalizations about captive management. Nonetheless, given the limitations of space, some generalizations were unavoidable.limited.


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